Grants & Fellowships

Graduate student support in the form of endowed fellowships is a high priority for the Center, as they allow us to compete successfully for the most promising student scholars, who would in return support our research agenda. Graduate students will play a crucial role in assuring the vitality of the Yarshater Center and our doctoral program. With their ability to infuse new ideas developed in the context of the Center’s activities in their research, assist faculty and translate cutting-edge scholarship into innovative instruction to undergraduates, graduate students represent the future of the field as they become the leaders of the next generation of teachers and scholars.

Graduate students funded by the Yarshater Center would play a key role in the broad research activities of the Center, the Pourdavoud Institute, and the Program of Iranian Studies.  This research would also contribute to work conducted under the guidance of the editorial staff of the Center in support of its publications. Tasks would include assisting editors in their research, translating primary sources, supporting the creation and dissemination of online content, and the production of searchable data sets.

More information about Yarshater Center graduate fellowships is forthcoming.