Video Library

The creation of a video library—the digital repository of cutting-edge lectures delivered by distinguished faculty and scholars, permanently maintained on the Center’s servers—will introduce emerging scholarship to complement the Yarshater Center’s publication arm and podcast production, and more importantly, raise greater awareness of our work.

All the Center’s recordings, expertly edited by professional videographers at UCLA, will be permanently accessible at dedicated URLs (permalinks) on the Yarshater Center’s website and servers. The video library represents a citable research tool, capturing recent intellectual forays and constituting a novel source of scholarly publication that enhances academic discourse. These videos are used regularly as curricular assignments at several major universities and colleges throughout the United States, a trend that is expected to grow in the era of online and hybrid learning. A portion of the endowment would support the professional online media production of the Center’s annual events, lectures, and workshops. Creative programming and its dissemination will broaden the Center’s reach, allowing it to build a global community of supporters.

Please check back soon for more information.